Washington Redskins: RG3's Father Has Doubts

By Ricky Allen
Geoff Burke: USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to Washington Redskins‘ Quarterback Robert Griffin III‘s injury, father knows best.

This week, the rookie quarterback had work done on his  lateral cruciate ligament or LCL  and his anterior cruciate ligament or ACL, which was torn originally in in 2009.

According to reports, “Robert’s ACL is intact, but not enough for his profession,” is what Robert Griffin II told Jim Corbett of USA Today in a text message. He added,  “You and I could be fine. But he is an athlete. So they will replace.”  I think every father who watched RG3 play the way he did with the bad knee cringed. I know I was. At that time you’re only thinking about the future-his future.  Of course RG3 wants to win.  So, with that in mind you look to head coach Mike Shanahan, a father who is lucky enough to have his son Kyle by his side on a professional sports team.

I think that’s what makes the decision of RG3 staying in the game (when we all could see he needed to be sat down) interesting. Think about it- the guy just got to the team.  He’s obviously the heart of the nation’s capital, along with being the true definition of “hope and change” in human form. Who wants to see this guy sitting on the bench in 2013 after a breakout season like this? Mr. Griffin is right – RG3 needs to be 100 percent before returning to the field.  Any father would agree with that.  Operations like these are scary enough, the lesser the better.



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