2013 NFL Playoffs: Colin Kaepernick Runs Wild on Green Bay Packers

By marisawolfe
Kirby Lee- USA Today Sports


45 points.

579 yards.

323 rushing yards.

181 quarterback rushing yards.

The Green Bay Packers defense got absolutely humiliated by a San Francisco 49ers team, led by a quarterback making his first postseason start.

There are so many areas in which the Green Bay Packers failed on Saturday night, but none is more glaring than their failure to limit Colin Kaepernick on the run. The Niners quarterback set a NFL single-game record with his rushing and the Packers could do little more than watch as their Super Bowl hopes fell with each missed tackle. This was not a surprise – the 49ers are a running team and Kaepernick replaced incumbent Alex Smith mainly because of his added dimension in running the ball. Wasn’t this exactly what Green Bay was expecting?

The Packers defense has struggled against strong rushing teams all season long, but their weakness was put into the spotlight as the Green Bay front seven proved themselves to be too soft to even compete with San Francisco.

The Niners were favorites coming into the game and it was clearly going to be a tough matchup for the Packers, but how does a professional football team allow 579 yards? In the playoffs, no less!

After a nearly all defensive draft in the offseason, the Packers hoped that the record-setting worst defense in the league last year could shore up and get back to their 2010 form. After the embarrassment of a 14-point, season-ending loss (with the Packers’ final touchdown coming well after the game was decided), Green Bay fans have to wonder if a defensive overhaul is necessary. The fans and the organization will have a long offseason in which to decide what moves must be taken.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go cry myself to sleep.



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