AFC Divisional Playoffs: Patriots and Texans Off to Slow Start

AFC Divisional Playoffs

Greg M. Cooper

The 2012 NFL playoffs have been as good as any playoffs in recent memory and the AFC Divisional Playoffs are shaping up to be the best of them all. Today’s matchup between the New England Patriots and the Houston Texans didn’t appear to be a game that would rival what we have seen thus far, and one quarter in, that is pretty much what we are seeing.

The Texans were written off almost completely by the media and I’m sure that stuck with them some, and after the first 15 minutes, they appear more than up to the challenge of the Patriots. Whether it’s a huge special teams play to start the game, or some stiff defense the Texans are working hard to prove they belong in this game. On the other side of the football, the Patriots have already had 2 significant injuries, one to running back Danny Woodhead and another to tight end Rob Gronkowski, but on the drive after that, they marched down for a touchdown like they had no injuries. Their depth on offense is truly remarkable.

The Texans offense is sputtering at this point, much like it has over the past few weeks. Head coach Gary Kubiak looked originally to be running a very aggressive game plan, but after that hasn’t worked, he’s dialed it back some and looks like they are going to settle into a more typical Texans game plan and let their defense try and keep them in the game. This is a recipe for a big loss, in my opinion. The Texans trail 7-3 at the start of the 2nd quarter, so let’s all hope for some offense.

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