Calvin Johnson Robbed of Unanimous All-Pro Selection

By Chris Katje
USA TODAY Sports-Tim Fuller

There has to be a mistake or a recount vote at least. How could it be that during Calvin Johnson’s record breaking 2012 NFL season, one writer decided he wasn’t the best wide receiver in the league. Or better yet, this writer thought two receivers were better than Megatron in 2012.

Johnson, the Detroit Lions star, received 49 of 50 votes towards his second All-Pro Award. Calvin was named an All-Pro selection for his efforts in 2011, coincidentally with the same score of 49. It appears that one writer has a personal vendetta against Calvin.

Rumors came out today that the sports writer that didn’t vote for Johnson is Tim Ryan. No official word has come from Ryan on whether or not he voted for Calvin. If you’re unfamiliar with Ryan, he is a sports writer and NFL analyst for various media outlets. He also is a host of a show on SIRIUS radio about the NFL.

The non coincidental thing here is the fact that Ryan played for the Lions NFC North rival Chicago Bears (1990-1993). Would Ryan really not vote for Calvin because he is a Bears fan? Also, Ryan covers San Francisco 49ers preseason games. Could he perhaps have voted for Michael Crabtree, who had 1105 receiving yards, rather than Calvin?

For the record, Calvin had 1964 yards and five touchdowns on the season. Johnson broke the record for most receiving yards in a season. He also ranked first in targeted passes, completions of 20+ yards, yards per game and first downs. Calvin had almost 400 more yards than the next closest opponent (Andre Johnson-1598). Brandon Marshall, who finished in third with 1508 yards, was the other selection for the All-Pro Team.

Adrian Peterson and J.J. Watt were the only unanimous selections for the 2012 All-Pros. Both players had amazing seasons and are deserving to be on every ballot. However, Calvin Johnson broke a record that many thought would not be broken and came close to the 2,000 yard mark. The fact that someone didn’t think Calvin was the best receiver in the league tells me that this person should not be allowed to vote for All-Pros again.

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