Can Matt Ryan Melt the "Matty Ice" Persona Today?

By Scott DelleFave
Matt Ryan
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sport

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has an absurd home regular season record of33-5, however he also has an abysmal 0-3 playoff record and it gives his nickname of “Matty Ice” a whole different connotation.

Ryan got this nickname because he was cool under pressure, however in the playoffs it seems like it’s because he freezes under the magnifying glass that is the NFL Playoffs. It’s truly the Jekyll and Hyde effect if there ever was one for a single current player in the NFL. I can only hope that Hyde stays away today so Ryan can get his first playoff win and head to the NFC Championship Game next week in the Georgia Dome versus the San Francisco 49ers.

What Ryan has  going for him today is the fact that he has played in four or one quarter of his games were prime time games this year and led the Falcons to decisive victories in all of them. In addition to the amazing prime time performances this year, last season he beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-25 in CenturyLink Field, one of the if  not the loudest professional football stadium.

If Ryan beats the Seahawks today, he should never use his famous moniker again just to get rid of all the negative stigma attached to it and a new one could be forged that has a positive outlook as this game is so much based on confidence and momentum; just ask the New York Giants.

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