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Houston Needs to Capitalize on 3rd Down in Order to Advance Past New England

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Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

This AFC Divisional game for the Houston Texans has been extremely ugly for them. After getting a huge opening kickoff return, they could only muster three points. From then until their final possession before the half they did absolutely nothing on offense.

The Achilles heel for this game today for the Texans has been converting third downs.

It took them nearly 29 minutes to finally convert one and when they did it was a touchdown rush by Arian Foster. Before that touchdown run on the goaline they were 0 for 5 in conversions. They’re now a dismal 1 for 6.

The problem is it’s not like they’re not driving the ball either. They did get 10 first downs during the first half of play, but they didn’t get the ball deep enough in the New England Patriots side of the field their defending to convert points.

The Texans are going to have to either convert on third downs or start contemplating going for it on fourth down to keep them in this game. I always said it’s inexcusable not to convert third and short situations. The Patriots defense isn’t very good and does just enough to get by.

When you have Foster and Andre Johnson you can’t tell me you can’t draw something up not to get enough yardage for a conversion. They only completed one first down conversion on third down and are only down one possession (seven points). As bad as they’ve been in that facet of this contest they’re still within one score of tying the game.

New England on the other hand is 4 for 7 on third downs and the only reason they’re up 17-10. It’s all about conversions on third down and whoever can capitalize on that the most in the second half will win and host the AFC Championship Game.

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