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Matt Ryan Silencing Critics

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons signal caller Matt Ryan is fed up with all of the criticism he’s received over the years. Through the second quarter of his matchup against the Seattle Seahawks, he’s playing like a MVP. His throws are crisp and he has overcome one of his early mistakes.

Fans, experts and frankly everyone with an opinion has ruled the Falcons out as a serious contender. One of the big reasons for this issue is Ryan. He hasn’t been a solid performer in the post-season. His regular season numbers are solid, but when it comes to the playoffs, he seems to struggle. Today, he is poised an in charge. Despite an early interception, he’s been in charge. Russell Wilson was the story entering this contest, but Ryan has stolen the show.

With the Falcons leading 20-0 late in the second quarter, Wilson will need to find the magic again this week. Losing in the playoffs isn’t old to the Seahawks, but they’ve not seen a quarterback as dominant as Ryan. Unless things change quickly, the San Francisco 49ers will be on a plane to Atlanta for next weekend.

Perhaps fate was on the Falcons’ side when the Denver Broncos lost yesterday. The AFC’s number one seed may have given the Falcons a bit more motivation not to lay an egg at home against the Baltimore Ravens. Despite being a huge favorite yesterday, the Broncos choked away a victory. It seems to have sent a message to the Falcons today.

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