Rob Gronkowski Will Miss The Rest Of The 2013 NFL Playoffs

By Riley Schmitt
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots may be moving on in the 2013 NFL Playoffs, but there is a bigger issue for them. Rob Gronkowski tried to return but he ended up injuring his arm again. He will miss the rest of the postseason.

This is a big blow for the team.  Gronk does a lot of good things for them and they may struggle without him.  You always want to keep a guy like him in the lineup but the injuries have been too much to deal with this year.  Aaron Hernandez will have to step up his game and other members of the team will get a chance to shine during this absence.

Hopefully Gronk can shake off these injuries.  When he is fully healthy, he is a fun player to watch.  He is a great blocker, which people seem to forget about.  We all know about his touchdown catching prowess, but watch him block on a run play.  He normally ends up wiping some poor defender out.  That is truly special to watch.

The Patriots should be able to make up for most of his production but he does draw defenders away from the rest of the team.  Not having him out there could be something that keeps them from achieving their ultimate goal.  His injury may have cost them last year, so this is two years in a row.

Hurry back Gronk.

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