2013 NFL Draft: Mock Drafts really mean nothing, especially for this year

By Jeremy Hayes
James Lang- US Presswire NFL Draft
James Lang- US Presswire

A prediction is a guess, nothing more.

With the college football season at an end, many fans are on the edge of their seats for the great saga that is the NFL Draft. It is more than just a weekend, it is a months of preparation, interviews, and pro-days. The problem with the media today is that they think it is more important to tell fans who they think their team will draft, instead of analyzing more deeply on whether or not that player will have an impact in the NFL.

Inform fans what players have to offer, not that one would “fit” well with a specific team. It has been proven in the past that there are players beyond the first round who can become elite, so why all the hype of mocking a draft.

Unless a reporter or writer has 100% evidence that a team is working with a player or have shown extreme interest in them, then it is useful to that team and their fan-base. Writers, who cares who you think is a good fit for a team? Tell the fans who are the hard working players, who will be productive on the field, and anything useful about the player’s ability to play the game.

NFL teams pay scouts to find the players they want, they don’t need writers “predicting” who they might get. Mock drafts have the value of doing a college basketball bracket. Predictions are pretty useless when it comes to writing, inform your reader, make a list of the best at every position on who you believe is the best.

Don’t guess, report.

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