2013 NFL Playoffs: San Francisco 49ers' Colin Kaepernick Creates 'Kaepernicking' Craze

By Ben Grimaldi
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last year Tim Tebow created a craze by going down on one knee and putting his hand on his forehead; what Tebow was doing was praying but what he really did was create something tons of people began copying. It was known as ‘Tebowing’ and it became a phenomenon for football fans all over the United States. And with that, a trend began of copying athlete’s movements and adding the ‘ing’ at the end of it.

It didn’t take Washington Redskins rookie Robert Griffin III long to get in on the act as he sat on the ground with his hands in the air after a long touchdown pass in week 1. It became known as ‘Griffining’ and Redskins fans everywhere were seen in pictures copycatting the move. Then comes Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant crossing his arms to make the letter ‘X’ every time he scored a touchdown this season. No one really knows what it means but Cowboys fans all over made it a trend.

So it’s only right that something happened in the 2013 NFL playoffs to cause another craze, ‘Kaepernicking.’ After San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick scored a touchdown on Saturday night against the Green Bay Packers, he flexed his bicep and either stared at it or mock kissed it, but it has become the latest craze among football fans everywhere. Well, maybe just 49ers fans, but the trend has been set and there are already thousands of pictures and tweets with fans ‘Kaepernicking.’

It’s always fun to copy an athlete so it’s a cool trend but it’s also pretty ironic too. The NFL tries to make everything be about the league and its teams, but along comes these spur of the moment celebrations and they turn into opportunities for individual players to make a name for themselves. Let’s also not forget the endorsements that may go along with it.

All of that business stuff aside though, it really is cool to see how something so random can become such a phenomenon in a short time. And that is why football is the king of all sports.

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