Cleveland Browns: Derek Anderson? No Thank You!

By Ryan Ruiz
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

New Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski could start his head coaching career off very shaky if the rumors floating around are true. Sources everywhere are saying that former Browns quarterback Derek Anderson could be coming back to Cleveland. How do I put this nicely? No thank you, with an emphasis on “no”.

Reliving the past is fine on occasions like letting the greatest football player ever, Jim Brown, walk on the field of Cleveland Browns Stadium again after some bad blood. Or, honoring the Browns’ teams of the 1980’s by wearing all white uniforms for an entire year. Reliving the past by bringing back Anderson is a stupid decision and a slap in the face to the orange and brown faithful.

Realistically, Anderson has had one good year in his NFL career. Despite making the Pro Bowl, his 2007 campaign was highly over exaggerated. We are talking about a guy that threw rockets to players three feet away from him. Anderson was terrible at the touch pass. Anderson did throw 29 touchdowns in his Pro Bowl year. Once promising young star Braylon Edwards caught 16 of them. However, in the second half of the 2007 season, DA threw 11 interceptions and single handily cost his team a guaranteed playoff spot by throwing four interceptions against the AFC North division opponent Cincinnati Bengals.

As terrible Cleveland luck would have, the Browns would finish the season 10-6 and not make the playoffs. The following year, Anderson would play in only ten games and throw nine touchdowns and eight interceptions. 2009 is when Anderson’s tenure as a Brown abruptly came to an end. Anderson was intercepted ten times in eight games and tossed just three touchdowns. After Anderson was released by the Browns in the off season, he was quoted saying, “The fans are ruthless and don’t deserve a winner.” You would be ruthless too if you went through everything these fans have gone through Mr. Anderson.

With the Jimmy Haslam era under way, there is no reason to even think about the return of the flat footed eight year pro. Besides, the no. 3 jersey is already occupied. Sorry DA, we will not have you back.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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