Tennessee Titans' Dave Ball to retire

By Jeremy Hayes
Dave Ball- Jim Brown- US Presswire
Jim Brown- US Presswire


All good things must come to an end, but for Tennessee Titans’ defensive end Dave Ball those simple words are now his reality.

Ball is aware of what he has to offer, he has added depth to the Titans for the past couple of years now. Football is a ruthless sport and sometimes it gets the better of the players who love the game.

Ball has suffered plenty of concussions in the past few years to push him into retirement, and Ball knows that for a fact.

Ball  told Titaninsiders.com writer Terry McCormick:

“I’m not gonna retire, but I think I’ll be forced to retire based on lack of options.” said Ball. “I think teams are gonna be scared to sign me, so that’s what I’ve been preparing for mentally. I’d love to sign with somebody else, but I just know it’s not gonna happen.”

Ball entered the league in 2004, and it appears his eight year career will be cut short. He recorded 80 total tackles in his career, along with 15.5 sacks. He has been well liked by the fans, and has proven to be a hard worker.

In 2011, a third concussion made him think of retirement, and he spent the 2012 season on the injured reserve list. It is a shame it does not work out for certain players, men like him have never even played a full season of football due to concussions.

Ball will be another example of what could have been if concussions were not as big a factor as they are in sports today. Ball has no plans to retire, but if no team signs him, he may be forced to walk away from the game.




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