NFL Rumors: Washington Redskins' Rex Grossman Looking For A Start?

By Ricky Allen
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or  not, Washington Redskins‘ Backup “Behind The Backup” Quarterback Rex Grossman is still lingering around.

With Robert Griffin III currently healing up from several operations this past week on his knee, Grossman has come out off the bench for the first time this year to actually say something about his position in this “situation”.  While addressing the media Jan.10 he said, “My competitive spirit wanted to play, and I had to replace that with helping out…You don’t just want to be sitting here watching and not doing anything. The more I can do is basically the approach I took.”

Grossman signed a one-year, $1.3 million contract with the Redskins last March knowing the Redskins would draft RG3. “I’ll just evaluate what’s out there for me, and just take it as it comes,” Grossman said, adding that he had no idea what the future holds for him with the Redskins. In regards to RG3’s injury and how it might affect his start for the NFL 2013 season  he said, “I severely doubt it’s going to affect August for him.”

While there’s no word yet on what role Grossman will play if RG3 is unable to start the beginning the of the 2013 season (or if he doesn’t play at all), one thing is for sure: He’s going to have to compete for the starting job against fellow backup QB Kirk Cousins.

Cousins played three games this season, finishing with 466 yards and four touchdowns.  His most notable game this year was his closing performance against the Baltimore Ravens. Grossman didn’t see any action this year, and served more in a mentor role to the two rookies.


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