Jovan Belcher Reportedly Was Legally Drunk at Time of Murder-Suicide

By Kris Hughes
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports


According to several reports surfacing online this afternoon, deceased Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher was legally drunk at the time he shot his girlfriend Kassandra Perkins nine times and then killed himself in front of team officials in front of Arrowhead Stadium, including then head coach Romeo Crennel and General Manager Scott Pioli.

During an autopsy done recently by the Jackson County Medical Examiner, Belcher’s blood alcohol level was .17 percent — two times the legal limit in the state of Missouri — and according to medical examiners was likely much higher at the actual time the events transpired.

While this in no way excuses Belcher’s behavior, it definitely was an intervening factor which may have led to him acting out in the impulsive way he did without considering the consequences — both long-term and short-term — to not only his immediate family but all those who would be affected by his action.

Given that Belcher had been out that evening, it’s not surprising he was intoxicated, but it is somewhat surprising that there was still a .17 blood alcohol level in his system this late after his death and at the time the autopsy was performed. Time alone suggests his BAC was likely much higher at the time of the shooting and any ability he may have had to control his actions may have been completely for naught accordingly.

While this is an interesting tidbit of information, it does nothing to bring Kassandra Perkins or Jovan Belcher back, and is just further proof of how alcohol abuse — whether via binge drinking, or constant, protracted abuse — can lead to unimaginable, life-altering ends.

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