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St. Louis Rams 7-Round 2013 NFL Mock Draft

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St. Louis Rams 7-Round Mock Draft

NFL Draft
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The 2013 NFL Draft might still be over 3 months away, but the time to start digging deep into the prospects is now. Every team has specific needs that are starting to surface whether it’s caused by a lack of talent or an impending loss of a player due to contract restrictions.

This is 1 part of a 32 part series where I will break down a full seven-round mock draft for every NFL team. I am doing this based on several factors. First is their relative position in the draft. After the end of the regular season the top of the order will be set and as each weekend of NFL playoffs end more teams will be set in place for their picks. Second is based on team needs. I’ve gone to great lengths to get as much input from fans for this as possible, but I have to be honest, some fans don’t know their teams as well as they think they do. This will also include any traded or forfeited picks, but by all means if you see I missed a pick that was traded for or away, post it in the comments below so I know.

I am going to start at the top of the draft order, bounce between the top, middle and end, and give you all 3 or so a week until we’ve covered all 32 teams.

This edition is dedicated to the St. Louis Rams. The Rams are in a great position because thanks to a big trade last year, they get 2 first round picks. The bad news that goes along with that is they have a significant number of NFL draft needs. One thing that further extends their possible needs is the Rams are very close to hiring a new defensive coordinator, former Dallas Cowboys DC Rob Ryan, which would bring with it the 3-4 defense, adding to their potential draft needs. For this scenario, I am going to assume that the Rams will be moving to a 3-4 defense and while I may not be dedicating all the Rams first round picks to defense, it will certainly be part of the mix for these 7 rounds.

I have gotten so much great feedback from Rams fans about their primary draft needs, unfortunately there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. For every Rams fan who has told me they need to draft a new tight end, another teams me forget that, they need an outside linebacker. So I am going to go out on my own and use my best judgment and hopefully I won’t disappoint too many of you.

In addition to these team specific mock drafts, I will be updating my one-round mock draft regularly here on Rant Sports, along with full scouting reports on the top prospects, so keep an eye out for those and follow me on Twitter @nfldraftboard for all my other football ramblings.

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First Round-Dallas Thomas, OT Tennessee

NFL Draft
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The Rams draft plans really took a hit when 2 of the truly elite tackles in the nation Luke Joeckel from Texas A&M and Taylor Lewan from Michigan both chose to return to school. But it doesn’t change the fact that they are still in dire need of a tackle. So instead they take Thomas here, who’s a massive tackle prospect who should be an immediate upgrade on the right side. He's much more athletic than his size would indicate and can play tackle or guard.

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First Round-Sam Montgomery, DE/LB LSU

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This pick sort of hedges the bet between moving to a 3-4 and sticking with a 4-3. If the Rams make the switch, Montgomery would make a great rush outside linebacker. If they stick with the 4-3 Montgomery could rotate in as a situational rush end. Montgomery's draft stock has taken a hit, but his athletic ability can't be denied. He just has to be more consistent with his effort.

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Second Round-Phillip Thomas, FS Fresno State

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This is another either/or type of pick. Thomas is very good in coverage and that lends itself to a 3-4 defense where he could freelance and make plenty of plays. But if they stick to a 4-3, the Rams still need help in the defensive secondary and Thomas is a great prospect. He's got the potential to be a top 5 safety in the league in the right system.

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Third Round-Le'Veon Bell, RB Michigan State

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With the possible retirement of running back Steven Jackson, the Rams must consider the future in their backfield. They did get nice play from Daryl Richardson, but I’m not sure he can be a feature back. Bell is a workhorse and has shown he can carry a full load in the run game. For all the work Bell got, he just seemed to get stronger as the season went on, which bodes well for him in the NFL.

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Fourth Round-Omoregie Uzzi, OG Georgia Tech

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The work on the offensive line continues with the experienced run blocking guard Uzzi. He needs some work on his technique, but he is a strong force on the inside and holds up really well at the point of attack. If Uzzi can plug in and start at guard and Thomas at tackle, this line would get a massive makeover in one off-season.

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Fifth Round-Michael Williams, TE Alabama

NFL Draft
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Williams is a massive tight end prospect who is a bruising run blocker and more than adequate pass receiver. The Rams already have receiving options on the roster at tight end, but Williams adds another dimension as a receiver who is practically the size of an offensive tackle. At this point the run game and pass protection are greatly improved.

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Sixth Round-Montori Hughes, DT Tennessee-Martin

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Hughes is big. I mean really big. At one time Hughes was a top tier defensive tackle prospect as he started his career at Tennessee. But he was unable to maintain the academic standards and found himself at Tennessee-Martin where he’s played very well. As a potential late round sleeper to move in as a massive nose tackle, Hughes is an excellent value pick at this point.

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Seventh Round-Albert Rosette, LB Nevada

NFL Draft
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The Rams continue to build a defense that can either run the 3-4 or the 4-3 on the inside. Rosette has a physical build and excellent athleticism who may only contribute on special teams initially but does have potential as a 3-4 inside backer who can rush and cover.