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The Five Most Disappointing Players on the Arizona Cardinals in 2012

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Five Disappointing Players from the 2012 Season


It's not always easy placing the blame on players coming off a disappointing season. The Arizona Cardinals' entire offense underperformed all season long and at times it was just so bad you had to look away. A season with such high hopes, only to be lost to another long losing streak in the middle of the season. Ken Whisenhunt is gone, pretty much the entire offensive coaching staff is gone. The Cardinals have a new GM, Steve Keim, and are looking to score an elite new coach to lead them forward.

Easier said than done. This team has more holes on offense than a piece of Swiss cheese. With exception of one person on this list, everybody on here needs to be released or traded to the highest bidder. More than likely, the highest bidder will not be that high. These players underperformed or did not do enough to help their team win. I am going to be honest with you, you're not going to like a name that pops up, but before you judge, give me a few words to explain myself. Chances are you're still not going to like it.

The Cardinals finished the year 1-11. The players on this list added to the failures of this team more than others. The biggest disappointment was the offensive line. They were the reason QB Kevin Kolb was injured, and the good quarterbacks on this team started and ended with Kolb.

I've said this before, the Cardinals are in the most important off-season in their franchise's history. Every fan will scrutinize every move and decision that is made. If they want to restore faith in their fan base, these five players, with exception of one, cannot be on the Cardinals next season.

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QB John Skelton


John Skelton has taken a lot of criticism this season, but he has probably deserved 99 percent of it. He had an absolutely terrible year and he is one of the biggest reasons Ken Whisenhunt is looking for a job. In his first start, Kolb bailed him out and when Kolb was injured he went right back to losing football games by throwing an interception late in a game vs. the Buffalo Bills. Skelton could have been Arizona's savior, but instead he will disappear and not get a chance to have Ben Affleck play him in a movie titled, "A Miracle Starts with John".

Dishonorable Mention: QB Ryan Lindley probably played worse than Skelton, but we have to cut him slack because he was getting the first snaps of his career. Having said that, he just did not improve at all in his playing time.

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RB Beanie Wells


Beanie Wells was injured for about half of the season, but when he did play he was pretty much a wash. He scored five TDs this year, but averaged less than three yards per carry. Not great numbers. The running game's failure to get going was one of the main reasons the Cardinals' defense had to spend so much time on the field, also turnovers, but Wells did not have many of those. His comments about trying out for 31 other teams in the final week of the season did not help his future, however you cannot blame him for not wanting to be on a losing team.

Dishonorable Mention: RB Ryan Williams was hurt again. If he cannot prove he can stay healthy, he is going to struggle with his future in the NFL.

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LT D'Anthony Batiste


D'Anthony Batiste played so bad in the first half of the season he was replaced by rookie Nate Potter. Batiste proved that he was not athletic enough to play left tackle in a league full of players that want to get after the quarterback. It didn't help that he was playing in front of some amateur quarterbacks, but Kolb is a pro style quarterback and they still managed to give up 17 sacks in two games. Bobby Massie and Batiste proved they were below the bottom tier in terms of offensive linemen in the league.

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WR Larry Fitzgerald


Larry Fitzgerald will be a Cardinals' receiver for life, but I did not like how he stayed quiet in the media this year. Some players should not be allowed to talk to the media, but Fitzgerald needed to speak his mind this year. If a player like Fitzgerald calls you out in front of everybody in the world, you know you have to fix was your doing and you better do it quick. I hated myself for putting the most likeable guy in the world on this list, but I just think Larry needs to be more vocal and express his frustrations publicly. His stats were disappointing this season, but that has nothing to do with why he is on here. Leaders need to lead and I don't think anybody in the entire Cardinals' organization did a very good job at that this year.

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WR Early Doucet


Fans saw Early Doucet play last year and were excited to see him this season. However, he dropped all sorts of passes early in the season and lost most of his playing time to Michael Floyd. He is only getting better, so I don't expect Early to have a spot on this team next year. The new coach and GM need to cut ties with the player. Something tells me no team will be interested in trading for him.

Dishonorable Mention: TE Todd Heap was released by the Cardinals late in the season. He could never stay healthy and finished his time with the team having played in just 12 of the 32 possible games.