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5 Best Players For Dallas Cowboys This Season

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5 Best Players For Dallas Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys season has been over for a few weeks now and the evaluation process has begun for the team at Valley Ranch. We have already seen some of the changes going on with the coaching staff turning over and there will likely be more to come. There will also be changes coming on the player’s side of the team as well. As a matter of fact, there are some players who performed very well this season that the Cowboys must make decisions on moving forward.

In looking at some of the Cowboys this season, there were plenty of players that stepped up and played great football, especially with the love of the fans and contracts being on the line. Going into the season, there were a handful of Cowboys who many people would have said were the best players on the team and in the end; almost all of those players who most people thought were indispensable, turned out to be replaced. Of course players like Sean Lee were missed but the Cowboys still had a shot at the playoffs right up until the then. So without these players, the Dallas Cowboys would have been dismissed well before week 17. So here is the list of the Cowboys 5 best players for the 2013. Most of you will probably guess the players on the list but there might be a player on the list that might surprise you.

Here are the 5 best players for the Dallas Cowboys this season:

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5. Jason Hatcher

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Jason Hatcher comes in at number 5. Hatcher posted a career high in tackles for the Cowboys and wound up with four sacks, just a half sack shy of his career high. More than that though, Hatcher produced a high amount of pressures, which any coach will tell you are almost as good as a sack. He might be remembered for the bad penalty against the Washington Redskins late in the game but overlooking how good he was throughout the entire season would be a mistake. He should have gotten some Pro Bowl love but that didn’t happen. Jason Hatcher was one of the best players for the 2013 Cowboys.

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4. Tony Romo

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The Cowboys 4th best player was Tony Romo. He could have been higher on the list if it weren’t for a few big mistakes in games early in the season and one bad game against the Redskins but Romo led the Cowboys back from 3-5, and he never let the team give up no matter how bad the team fell behind. He turned around a terrible season and made it into a good season for himself and his teammates. Tony Romo can’t do it all and for a while during the season he was, with help from a running game and a better offensive line, Romo would have been much better. Like it or not, Tony Romo turned in a very good year and kept the Cowboys alive until week 17.

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3. Jason Witten

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The always reliable Jason Witten comes in at number 3. He set a tight end record for receptions with 110, and recorded another 1,000 yard season despite not being healthy until a few weeks into the season. His inspirational play in week 1 was something other Cowboys noticed and gave the team a tougher mindset than they’ve had in recent years. The ultimate professional, a chain mover and being Tony Romo’s security blanket put Witten on the list of the Cowboys best players on the year. Sometimes he goes unnoticed because of his quiet nature but the Cowboys continue to depend on Jason Witten and he continues to be one of their best players.

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2. Anthony Spencer

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Anthony Spencer comes in a number 2 in a tough call. He easily could have been number one but landing in this spot is amazing because of how much Spencer has been criticized throughout his time in Dallas. He was the Cowboys best defender on the season and it wasn’t even close. Better than the two new corners, better than Sean Lee because of the injury and even better than the great DeMarcus Ware. Spencer set career highs in tackles with 95, and sacks with 11. Perhaps an even more telling stat is the Cowboys were 0-2 in games he missed. He dominated plenty of games for the Cowboys on defense and became the player everyone thought the Cowboys were drafting back in 2007. He should have made the Pro Bowl and gotten All-Pro votes over teammate DeMarcus Ware, that’s how good Anthony Spencer was this season.

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1. Dez Bryant

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The Dallas Cowboys best player this season was Dez Bryant. He sparked the team’s second half of the season record, as well as most of their comebacks in the second halves of games. Bryant posted career highs in catches with 92, yards with 1,382 and touchdowns with 12. His play sparked the team when they were down and scored a touchdown in 7 straight games. There times in that span where Bryant was the best player on the field and Cowboys fans should be excited for the future with Dez Bryant playing wide receiver. Dez Bryant was the best player on the Dallas Cowboys in the 2013 season.

How amazing is it that the two players most Cowboys fans were disappointed in going into the year made the biggest impact on the team’s season! Both Spencer and Bryant lived up to expectations and became great players for the Cowboys.