Denver Broncos' OC Mike McCoy Will Be a Good Fit For the San Diego Chargers

By Craig Moir
Ron Chenoy-USA Today Sports

Before you know it, the AFC West will be nothing but an inbred line of NFL coaches that have sprung from the Denver Broncos.  In 2012, defensive coordinator Dennis Allen decided to accept the head coaching position with the Oakland Raiders after one season with the Broncos.  Today, offensive coordinator Mike McCoy announced that he will be assuming the head coaching position with the San Diego Chargers after four years with the Broncos.  If it wasn’t for the Kansas City Chiefs hiring Andy Reid, you would think that they would have made a play next year for Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio.

This is a great move for the Chargers, who were beginning to sour during the Norv Turner regime after looking like they would be a perennial playoff contender.  Now McCoy has the distinction of trying to fix QB Phillip Rivers and an offensive line that has been leaking like a sieve the past couple years.

Broncos head coach John Fox must be proud of the cast-offs that have obtained coaching positions, but I’m sure he would rather have had both Allen and McCoy anywhere but in his own division.  With the Broncos looking like they will be the team to beat while Peyton Manning is under center, maybe McCoy will be able to breathe some life into the Chargers in order to make the West a powerhouse once again.

The one thing that McCoy will have going for him is that the Chargers are not far from being contenders themselves.  They have a good corps of running backs, a solid secondary and a group of receivers that are speedy and can find separation if Rivers can deliver them the ball.  For years I have said that if the Chargers would ever want to be a true contender, they would have to get away from the conservative play-calling and nonsensical coaching of Turner.

While many today may blame McCoy for the same conservativeness in the Broncos playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens this past Saturday, I do feel as if he will be able to spread his formula around better as a head coach.  It will be fun to watch the AFC West unfold in this upcoming 2013 season, especially seeing the growth of two of Fox’s offspring battling it out against the Broncos.  But if 2012 was any indication, McCoy will have to do better than Allen did, as the Broncos won both meetings against the Raiders.

McCoy was one of the most sought after coaches with the Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles all meeting with McCoy before he even landed in San Diego.  But the Chargers are probably the best choice for an upstart coach with an offensive mentality.  Good luck to McCoy and thank you for your service to the Broncos these past four years!


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