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Mike McCoy Can Return San Diego Chargers to AFC West Supremacy

Mike McCoy - San Diego Chargers

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s official, the San Diego Chargers have named a successor to Norv Turner’s era of ineptitude and his name is Mike McCoy. The former Denver Broncos offensive coordinator was considered a runner-up for many jobs in the 2012 hiring process and now the Bolts have landed a premier name to roam their sidelines. So how does McCoy fit with the team?

First of all, McCoy was the coordinator under a number of different personnel groupings with the Broncos. He won with Tim Tebow under center and also with Peyton Manning. You would be hard-pressed to find a larger chasm between two quarterbacks in terms of quality than those two which shows a great deal of adaptability.

Then you must move on and think about the current man in San Diego, Philip Rivers, who has seen a downturn in his career arc of late. General Manager Tom Telesco must do two things this offseason to help Rivers: find him some protection and find him some additional weapons. Rivers hasn’t gotten any worse as a quarterback himself, it’s just that the pieces around him have been disappearing left and right. McCoy taking this job says a lot about Rivers and that he is viewed as an asset for McCoy in running his offense.

Another additional benefit of this hiring is the knowledge that McCoy brings with him from Denver. Even though the Chargers were a disappointment this year, they still only need to jump one team if they want to win the AFC West in 2013. The other two squads in the division aren’t going to be competitive anytime soon so stealing McCoy away from Denver is twofold. San Diego gains a terrific offensive mind while simultaneously stealing that offensive mind away from their biggest rival.

What becomes the biggest issue now that this hire is official is keeping defensive coordinator John Pagano in house. That almost had to be a stipulation that came along with getting the job given the turnaround that Pagano has orchestrated in San Diego recently. The defense has plenty of pieces to be successful and maintaining continuity with Pagano is a must for that young and talented unit.

This addition immediately restores some credibility to the Chargers organization which had lost plenty of it over the past three years of decay under Norv Turner. Getting McCoy in right away to work with Rivers and the Bolts on offense will be a great step in the right direction toward returning this team to where is should be; in the playoffs. Look for the Chargers to have a revitalized attitude in 2013 and this hiring is a large reason why.

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