The Cleveland Browns Must Stay With A 4-3 Defense

By Ryan Ruiz
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To be a successful team in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns must be consistent, especially on defense. With the new head coach Rob Chudzinski in charge, the Browns could switch to a 3-4 defense. The last time Cleveland used a 3-4 was when Rob Ryan was the Browns’ defensive coordinator. So why switch back?

In his first press conference as a head coach, Chudzinski said the Browns would play an “attacking” style of defense. To me, this screams a 3-4 defense with speed rush linebackers. Rumors are flying around that the Browns are going hard after San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator John Pagano. Well all of that is just fine and dandy, the Browns need to stay with the 4-3.

Cleveland simply does not have the right pieces to go back to a 3-4 defense. Browns fans are done waiting for regime after regime to right the ship. They want to win and they want to win now. Switching the defense means getting all new personal and starting a new recipe. Time and patience is wearing thin in this once great franchise.

Over the past couple years, players in the draft were chosen to be a part of a certain system. The 3-4 defense is not that system. Cleveland needs to build on what the have, get a dominant edge rusher, find a perfect compliment shut down corner to Joe Haden, and continue to gel.

The words “battled” or “process” or phrase “played our guts out” are no longer acceptable. Chudzinski needs to come in and win, plain and simple. There is no waiting or allowing time to develop. Switching up the defensive scheme again will only make winning that much harder. The cure to every loyal Browns fans’ broken let down heart is Charlie Sheen‘s life motto, “winning!”.

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