Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments From 2013 NFL Divisional Playoffs

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Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments From 2013 NFL Divisional Playoffs

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Kirby Lee-US Presswire

Everybody remembers the big play that decides the outcome of the big game. That’s especially true during the NFL’s postseason and that was no different during the 2013 NFL divisional playoffs. But there were many embarrassing moments during the weekend that will also be remembered. Some of these moments were mistakes that cost their team a trip to the conference championship game while others were just embarrassing for a short period of time and will soon be forgotten. This slideshow will look at those unfortunate souls who will be remembered for their gaffes.

The embarrassing moments over the divisional playoff weekend wasn’t limited to just players. Coaches and referees also made mistakes that embarrassed themselves. Sometimes the mistakes were unintentional and the unfortunate victim should be excused for their momentary error in judgment but sometimes the embarrassment came after the mistake. In these circumstances the victim is at fault themselves for the embarrassing incident and had time to consider what they were doing when they caused the incident.

There were four games during the weekend of the divisional playoffs and many embarrassing moments that involved those eight teams. This slideshow will look at the top five embarrassing moments of the weekend. In putting this list together, both the amount of embarrassment for the victim of the situation and how important the mistake was in the game were taken into account. While the least embarrassing incident had no bearing on the result, the most embarrassing incident is the reason for that game’s result.

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In the second quarter of the New England Patriots AFC divisional playoff game against the Houston Texans, Tom Brady short-hopped a pass to Brandon Lloyd. Lloyd then got up and calmly pitched the ball to the approaching referee as usual. The referee reached out for the ball but it bounced off his hands and fell to the ground. Oddly the referee felt embarrassed by this incident and decided assign blame to Lloyd.

The referee then inexplicably threw his flag to the ground claiming that Lloyd threw the ball at him in frustration even though that clearly wasn’t the case. Apparently the referee forgot that in today’s society of advanced technology, it’s easy for televised broadcasts to immediately replay events. What replays showed was the Lloyd calmly tossed the ball to the referee who was waiting for it but dropped it. In attempting to avoid embarrassment the referee further embarrassed himself as everyone saw what happened.

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Kirby Lee-US Presswire

One of the most surprising players in the NFL this season has been San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. After Alex Smith suffered a concussion Kaepernick was thrown into the fray mid-season and won the job with stellar performances. Kaepernick’s ability to both run a pass led the 49ers to the second seed in the NFC giving them a bye week and allowing them to host their first postseason game.

While there are many running quarterbacks in the NFL they are still quarterbacks and not expected to run very far. With a 24-24 game and just under 7 minutes remaining in the third quarter Green Bay Packers linebacker Erik Walden drifted inside allowing Kaepernick to run for a 56-yard go ahead touchdown. A touchdown of that distance is embarrassing for a defense and the embarrassment is increased when a quarterback runs that distance. The Packers had been able to answer each 49ers score to that point but would trail the remainder of the game after that play. The Packers defense made many mistakes during that NFC divisional contest but none more embarrassing than Kaepernick’s run.

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Mike Morgan-US Presswire

With 8 seconds remaining in the NFC divisional playoff game between the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks, Falcons kicker Matt Bryant hit a 49-yard field goal to give his team a 30-28 lead. As expected with so little time left, the Falcons next planned to attempt a squib kick which would force a Seahawks return by a less threatening returner. If all went well there would only be time for a Hail Mary pass or multiple laterals.

When Bryant stepped up to take the kickoff, something went wrong. Instead of the ball squibbing down the field it only reached the Seahawks first line of defense near the 50-line yard. Fortunately for the Falcons the Seahawks were unable to immediately recover which cost them valuable seconds. Still the Seahawks had to ball with only about 15 yards to go to get into field goal range. With only a two point game, a field goal would’ve won the game for Seattle. But with only 6 seconds left the Seahawks were only able to gain 6 yards on their first play and were forced to attempt a Hail Mary pass which was intercepted in the end zone. It worked out well for Atlanta but the embarrassing mistake by Bryant could’ve given away a trip to the NFC championship game.

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Daniel Shirey-US Presswire

When Matt Ryan hit fullback Jason Snelling for a 5-yard touchdown halfway through the third quarter it looked like the Atlanta Falcons would ease into the NFC championship game. But their 27-7 lead was not safe as Russell Wilson would lead the Seattle Seahawks on a 21-0 run in the fourth quarter to give the Seahawks a one point lead with 31 seconds remaining. The Falcons then quickly drove down field setting kicker Matt Bryant up for a 49-yard go ahead field goal attempt.

Just before the Falcons snapped the ball the whistle blew calling the play dead. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had called timeout to ice Bryant. The kick, which now didn’t count, missed wide right. Carroll then was seen yelling “who called timeout?” while replays showed he was clearly the culprit. Bryant would then step up and hit what would be the game winning field goal with just 8 seconds left. After the game Carroll further embarrassed himself by claiming that he was actually arguing that Braynt’s first kick was a practice kick which was prompted a controversial situation the night before. The problem with that is that the whistle blew just before the kick giving Bryant no time to stop and television replays clearly caught Carroll questioning who called the timeout. It was a truly embarrassing moment for the coach.

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Ron Chenoy-US Presswire

With 42 seconds left in the game and a seven point lead it looked as though the Denver Broncos were headed to the AFC championship game. All they had to do was to keep the Baltimore Ravens out of the end zone. The Broncos were even in a cover three defense which is considered a prevent defense designed to keep the opposing offense from scoring a long touchdown on one play. But then something went wrong.

From a very young age safeties are taught to keep receivers in front of them to avoid an embarrassing touchdown. Under the pressure of trying to secure victory at the end of an important game Moore forgot that and as a result gave up a 70-yard tying touchdown from Joe Flacco to Jacoby Jones with 31 seconds remaining. Moore attempted to recover by jumping up to bat the ball down but the ball floating just over his fingertips and landed in the arms of Jones who glided into the end zone. Players hope to be remembered for a great play after they retire but unfortunately for Moore it looks like he’ll be mostly remembered for this embarrassing moment.