Chicago Bears Make A Wise Decision And Hire Marc Trestman

By Evan Crum
John E. Sokolowski-US Presswire

Well, Jimmie Johnson was correct, except he was a week late. Johnson put on Twitter the week of January 7th that the Chicago Bears hired Marc Trestman. The Bears came out and denied it but on January 16 it was announced that Trestman is the new head coach of the Bears. I love this hiring.

This is a good thing for the Bears and I hope that Bears fans understand that. Trestman comes with a lot of experience. He is considered a quarterbacks guru. I dive a lot into Trestman’s history here but let’s just say that the Bears have grabbed a winning coach and an offensive coach as well.

Since Trestman is coming from the Canadian Football League (CFL) he is going to bring a different type of offense then the Bears are used to having. In the CFL a team only gets three downs to work with instead of four, and they also have to work with a larger field and an extra player. Because of all those rules many teams rely on passing the ball a lot. This is something that Trestman is going to focus on now that he is the head coach of the Bears.

Trestman will have an immediate impact on the Bears. For example, one thing Bears fans shouldn’t have to worry about is Jay Cutler calling useless time outs. Remember that exasperated look that he would give? You know the one where he put his hands on his hips waiting for the play call. Don’t worry about that anymore. Trestman called the offensive plays for the Montreal Alouettes and I expect him to do the same with the Bears. Like I said a different type of coach and a different type of offense.

Something I do want to point out to Bears fans is this. Don’t expect Trestman to lead the Bears to the Super Bowl in year one. He is going to have to form his team starting with this 2014 draft and free agency. I would give Trestman a couple years before the Bears can judge him. I know it is hard for Bears fans to do but they have to be patient.

Mark my words when I say that the Bears stole Trestman from other teams. Get ready to reap the rewards.

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