Dallas Cowboys Should Trade Tony Romo

By Damon Salvadore
Tim Heitman-US Presswire


Tony Romo has done some special things in this league. He has had an unbelievable career….for an undrafted player. But it’s time for the Dallas Cowboys to get serious and move on. Romo will be turning 33 years old this April, four days before the NFL draft. Maybe the Cowboys should keep this in mind.

Since becoming a Cowboy, Romo has had his name engraved in the team’s records books. However, it never ends well. Romo is 1-3 in the playoffs and 0-3 in season finale playoff clinching games. That makes him 1-6 in “do or die” games. Romo added to that list this season when he lost and was outplayed by rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. Romo threw three interceptions in the game. Last season he lost to the New York Giants in the final game and in 2008 his offense was shutout against the Philadelphia Eagles in the final game of the season.

Romo is an excellent fantasy quarterback. He has a 95.6 quarterback rating and he has the most touchdowns in Cowboys’ history. Compared to Cowboy great Troy Aikman, he has an unbelievable 12 touchdowns more and 50 interceptions less. But again it’s more than just the upfront regular season numbers. Aikman showed up when it mattered most. Aikman’s playoff rating is 88, compared to Romo’s 80. In four playoff games, Romo has played great in just one of them, against the Eagles. His offense was shutout against the Minnesota Vikings and the bobbled snap against the Seattle Seahawks will never be forgotten.

Why keep Romo at this point? He is 17-21 over the last three seasons as a starter. He hasn’t had a winning season since 2009. The Cowboys should trade Romo and get value before it’s too late. Some appealing college quarterbacks will be entering the NFL such as A.J. Mccarron, Geno Smith and Matt Barkley. Other current NFL quarterbacks may also be available in the near future like Alex Smith, Tim Tebow, Kirk Cousin and former BCS champion Matt Flynn

Romo has had a nice \seven seasons as a Cowboy, but again it’s just time to move on and get value. Trade Romo and get a valuable player or draft picks. Build for the future because this team just isn’t ready to win. Especially when the Washington Redskins are actually improving. Could we possibly see a Herscel Walker trade part II?


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