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Dave Gettleman Needs to Fix the Carolina Panthers

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Dave Gettleman has been waiting a long time to run his own team. After spending 25 years as a bridesmaid around the league, the Carolina Panthers finally gave the NFL man his shot at running a team. He replaces former General Manager Marty Hurney, who was fired last October.

Going into the 2012 season, expectations were high with the Panthers. After looking like they were ready to take the next step, the team struggled early and was never able to find its balance. Second-year coach Ron Rivera has been assured he’s getting a third year, but speculation around the Panthers is that Rivera is on a very short leash. Quarterback Cam Newton burst his way onto the scene in 2011, but struggled to find the same level of success in 2012. The key to the Panthers will be Newton moving forward.

Gettleman brings a no nonsense attitude to the Panthers. During his introductory press conference, he wore the latest ring he won with the New York Giants last season. He stressed during his chat that he will win one with the Panthers. Gettleman has won two titles with the Giants and one with the Denver Broncos. Three titles in 25 years is more than 10 percent of his time in the NFL. Something Panthers fans would enjoy.

While he speaks like a champion, Gettleman has been passed over for a long time in this league. While the teams he’s worked for sing his praises, the bottom line is that he he hasn’t gotten to this level in a long time. Certainly a lot of this has to do with opportunity, but one has to wonder if the Panthers may have stretched to hire their next GM. Only time will tell, but the Panthers are in desperate need of a plan and their hoping Gettleman is the guy to do it.