Green Bay Packers Should Fire Dom Capers

By Jeric Griffin
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

How is it already five days after the Green Bay Packers‘ defensive meltdown against the San Francisco 49ers and Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers is still employed? I mean, did you see their defensive performance in that game? 49ers long-legged quarterback Colin Kaepernick broke a single-game rushing record against them for Pete’s sake!

The Packers are the definition of a winning tradition. They’re never bad. They might not be elite every year, but they’re never bad. However, their defense was exactly that in these playoffs–bad.

They have a big name in Clay Matthews, but even he’s been quiet by his standards lately. How in the world do these players keep taking the field when apparently Capers does nothing to prepare them for their games? It was like Capers didn’t know that Kaepernick was a running quarterback–or at least he has the ability to run. Even then, he made no adjustments at halftime. It was like he either gave up or just thought Kaepernick would stop running…because NFL teams (aside from the Dallas Cowboys) always stop what’s working.

Look, Capers isn’t an awful coach, but he really let this team down at the most critical time and they should do something about it. If they don’t, they’re sending a horrible message to the team that they don’t hold employees accountable and players are technically employees, so then their performance starts slipping, everyone else’s performance starts slipping and all of a sudden you have a losing team. Do the right thing, Green Bay–fire Capers now.

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