Former Halfback Thomas Jones To Donate Brain

By Scott DelleFave
Jones, Thomas 1
Andrew Carpenean-USA TODAY Sports

Longtime running back Thomas Jones announced he will donate his brain for studies focusing on the effects of CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which was the cause of the suicide of all-time great linebacker Junior Seau, to read more about that, I have put up an article here.

The current problem is that CTE can only be diagnosed postmortem, but one can only hope and pray that can change with more and more efficient research. The human brain is the most discussed part of the human anatomy, and yet it’s still the biggest mystery.

Jones is also working on a project on this same topic, and as a man that played in the NFL for 12 seasons, he isn’t sure how many concussions (or sub-concussions) he’s had over his career. Jones said “Honestly, like I couldn’t give you a number because you just play with them, you can’t know; nobody does. I think the guys counting the concussions were the ones that got knocked out.” Speaking from experience here, a person doesn’t need to be knocked out to have a concussion or two.

I am glad that so many players are willing to  step up and help put a set of faces on this dreadful aliment that is taking far too many people too young. One can only hope they find a reasonable treatment and prevention much sooner than later!

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