What Does Rob Ryan Bring to the St. Louis Rams?

Rob Ryan - St. Louis Rams
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There must be a group of people out there that love Rex and Rob Ryan a lot more than I do. While I grew up with their father Buddy Ryan and the 1985 Chicago Bears defense, both of his sons aren’t the coach the architect of the 46 Defense was nor will they even come close. And yet, Rob keeps finding work. After his firing from the Dallas Cowboys last week as defensive coordinator, he was quickly picked-up by the St. Louis Rams in the same capacity. I always respected Rams head coach Jeff Fisher, but I am scratching my head on this hire.

While I may have been a little harsh earlier, I just don’t understand how these guys stick around. Yes, they are colorful and emotional characters on the sideline. Yes the cameras find these guys all the time. Yes they have a pedigree. But do they win? Well Rex at least has taken the New York Jets to the AFC Championship game twice. That buys him some credibility. But all Rob seems to do is go from one team to the next and will get hit in the rear on his way out. And yet, he will find a job every season. Before his stint with the Cowboys, he was the defensive coordinator with the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns. Neither of these units were exactly lighting up the stats sheet.

I wish Rams fans the best of luck with Ryan. Like most places he coaches, there’s a good chance you won’t get to know him too well.

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