Will Manti Te'o's draft stock be affected by controversy?

By Jeremy Hayes
Matt Cashore- US Presswire


In one of the strangest stories you will ever hear, today’s debacle with Manti Te’o’s deceased girlfriend who never existed.

This is truly shocking, and as of right now the details seem as foggy as the JFK assassination. All that we know is that Lenny Kekua did not exist (at least as his girlfriend).

This crazy turn of events will definitely follow Te’o throughout the entire process as he prepares for the NFL Draft. This hoax will be the biggest story of 2013, unless Greg Oden comes out declaring he is Big Foot.

This whole situation should not affect his status unless more is revealed to show that Te’o was actually involved with this entire hoax, then his stock will drop in shocking and incredible amounts. He will still be drafted, but it will be interesting to see what team can handle the controversy, that is of course if Te’o is guilty in being involved.

Now, on the other hand, if this is all some sick joke that Te’o is the victim of, the world will keep a short memory in mind for him. Scouts will focus on his talents, and let him move on from this devastating event.

Let the rumors come in: Is Notre Dame involved? Was Te’o planning all of this for a better image? Is he a gay athlete, who as a Mormon, could not come out to his family? Were these pranksters from a school like Stanford, and were cruel enough to kill off his fake girlfriend within hours of his grandmother?

More information will hopefully come out on this unbelievable story.

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