Bart Scott Could Not Be More Right About The New York Jets' Failures

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Bart Scott
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It’s no secret that the New York Jets did not have nearly the type of 2012 NFL season that they had hoped to have.

The Jets wasted little time firing general manager Mike Tannenbaum, and they appear to be in the final stages of finding a new GM to replace him. Rex Ryan will return for a fifth season as head coach, as he should.

Linebacker Bart Scott was asked on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” whether or not the perceived “circus” mentality that the media fabricated about the Jets all year had an affect on the locker room. Scott just laughed at that notion.

“Ask Tim Tebow. You can ask anybody in there. We were together,” Scott said. “Guys worked hard. You know what the problem was with the New York Jets this year? We didn’t have enough quality players to win. Simple as that.”

Never one to bite his tongue, Scott’s diagnosis of what primarily caused the Jets’ 2012 failures is 100% dead on.

You didn’t have to study the All-22 coaches film to see that the Jets were woefully inept on offense. They simply did not have many quality players at all, especially on the offensive side of the ball – offensive line excluded.

The Jets defense was riddled with players who got too old and too slow, and that includes Scott. However, to be fair, Scott played most of the 2012 season with an injured toe that sapped a lot of his remaining mobility.

Bottom line: the Jets need better personnel. No coach in the world would win with the guys the Jets had last year. That’s one of the biggest reasons why Rex Ryan is coming back for another year, and Mike Tannenbaum isn’t.

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