Make or Break Season for Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears

By alibud69
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Since arriving as the hallowed savior of Halas Hall four years ago, Jay Cutler has yet to put up the numbers or be a part of that elite offense everyone expected when Jerry Angelo traded for him in 2009.

I firmly believe that Cutler has the raw ability to lead the Chicago Bears to more than one Super Bowl victory. Call me deluded if you want but that is my gut feeling from watching hours of tape on the guy.

With this assertion on my part however comes the basic truth, Phil Emery has done and will continue to do over the coming years all he can to make Cutler successful. Emery is as all in on Cutler as he is on his hiring of new Head Coach Marc Trestman.

Cutler is running out of time to get the job done, his first task in the 2013 is to listen to every single bit of advice that Trestman has to offer him. Trestman has had ringing endorsements from every QB he has worked with and his success at getting the best out of those guys speaks for itself.

To cut a long story short it has become clear that Cutler is going to receive a few home truths about his play and leadership. Trestman is not a screamer or a shouter, but from what I gather he will command immediate respect from the players on this roster.

In Wednesday introductory press conference Trestman stopped short of calling Cutler a franchise quarterback, so to me it has become pretty clear that Cutler has to show improvement this year if he wants to be in a Bears jersey past the 2013 season.

The Bears won’t just move on from Cutler without anything else in place, it would be a disaster for Emery’s win now vision.

Now that Cutler has an offensive minded Head Coach who is touted as an intelligent innovator by pretty much every player who has played for him, Cutler will have to be on-board with being broken down to be modeled into the QB he has the potential to be.

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