Dallas Cowboys Should Have Fired Wade Wilson Too

By Ben Grimaldi
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A few days after the season ended for the Dallas Cowboys, we heard from Jerry Jones about how he was going to make things uncomfortable for everyone around the Cowboys. What he should have said was this: ‘I’m going to make everything uncomfortable for everyone around me except for myself and Tony Romo.’

Before this season’s failure, we last heard Jones talking about ‘comfort’ when he was trying make sure everything around the Cowboys was ‘Romo friendly.’ Apparently, that means Tony Romo gets to keep his quarterback coach Wade Wilson, since ESPNDallas.com is reporting that Wilson will return to the Cowboys. Romo is finishing up a season where he didn’t start to play well until the season was on the line; when the Cowboys were in position to win the NFC East, he collapsed under the pressure again. I’m not saying that all the blame should be put on Romo   but if any player on the Cowboys roster should be uncomfortable right now, it’s Tony Romo.

This is not to bash Romo, but perhaps he needs a new voice within the Cowboys organization? I’m not looking to trash Wade Wilson either but the question must be asked, at what point do we start to hold everyone accountable for Romo’s faults? Romo will likely get a contract extension this off-season; the head coach and play-caller Jason Garrett still has a job, so who is accountable for Romo’s shortcomings?

None of us really know how well Wilson and Romo work together beyond the results of the wins and losses but judging by that, Wilson isn’t doing the job. Actually, no one on the Cowboys has done a good enough job and weren’t we told that was the reason for the uncomfortable feel around organization after the year?

Again, none of this is to bash Wilson or Romo, it’s just to point out that change is sometimes good. What could be the harm in bringing in a new quarterback coach to try and get through to Tony Romo? Sometimes you just need a fresh start and a new perspective. I think Tony Romo has become too comfortable with Wilson, and he needs someone else to help him work on his game. Maybe someone to get in his face a little more, and stop the coddling that usually goes on with Romo from the Cowboys.

If the Cowboys made Tony Romo a little bit more uncomfortable, then maybe we’d see what he’s really made of; because right now, they aren’t getting enough out of their quarterback. And the same could be said for his position coach.

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