Denver Broncos Find Familiarity is Best in Naming New Offensive Coordinator

By Craig Moir
Ron Chenoy-USA Today Sports

We all heard the names in the Denver Broncos rumor mill for the offensive coordinator void left by Mike McCoy when he took a head coaching position with the San Diego Chargers.  Top men such as Ken Whisenhunt, Pat Shurmur and Tom Moore have been kicked around as most probable replacements, but when the rumors cleared, it was a familiar face that was given a promotion in a safe move by head coach John Fox and executive vice president John Elway.

Quarterbacks coach Adam Gase received the promotion to lead the 2013 Broncos into battle after working with Peyton Manning very closely throughout 2012.  Gase was brought in as a receivers coach with Denver in 2009 and understands the strengths and weaknesses of WR’s Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and the others.  He also knows the intricacies and demands of a Manning-led offense.

This seems like a move that was destined to give Manning the helm and allow him to be more in charge of an offense that was very conservative in the divisional round playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens last weekend.

Gase is also only 34, and one of the younger coordinators in the NFL.  This may be another candidate to spread the Fox coaching tree throughout the league.  Although it would have been a sexier choice to go with a Whisenhunt or Shurmur,  this move represents a familiarity that sometimes is better for a club to move forward being that there really was not much wrong with the way the Broncos handled their business this past year.

We all know that Manning is the on-field coordinator and it doesn’t matter what plays are sent into his headset, if he sees something that needs to be changed, he has the opportunity to call his audible.  While I was excited to see what Whisenhunt would add to this offense, this move makes sense.

Leave your comments below if you feel the Broncos should have gone outside the organization, or they made the right move.


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