Denver Broncos Surprise With Offensive Coordinator Hire

By Joe Morrone
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The Denver Broncos surprised some when they named Adam Gase as the team’s new offensive coordinator, replacing Mike McCoy who was hired earlier this week as the head coach for the San Diego Chargers. Gase beat out bigger names such as former Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt, and longtime Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore. While those names may have been more dramatic hires, Gase makes sense for a lot of reasons.

No one, including Gase, gets hired without the backing of Manning so it is safe to assume that he is fully on board with Gase as the offensive coordinator. Manning raved about Gase this season, so the transition will be seamless. Then there’s the obvious factor: Manning really doesn’t need an offensive coordinator. Don’t take that wrong way – Gase will have a big say into the game plan and play calling but the offense is not going to change much. Which leads to another reason for the naming of Gase: continuity. The Broncos are in a win-now mode with Manning, and bringing in a coach from the outside has the potential to disrupt that chemistry.

Whisenhunt and Moore would have been short-term; Whisenhunt would be here until he got another head coaching job, and Moore would be gone when Manning was gone. The Broncos are trying to win now but they also have to think about the future at the same time, and the future is Brock Osweiler.

Osweiler’s development is probably the biggest reason for the Gase hire. Gase has been working with Osweiler as the quarterbacks coach, and understands where he is in terms of his progress. As mentioned earlier, Manning could run the offense by himself if he had to, but developing Osweiler has to be a priority as well.

Osweiler will also be the main factor that the Broncos consider when they are hiring Gase’s replacement as the quarterback’s coach. Gase will continue to work with Osweiler in the offseason, mini-camps and training camp, but it will be the quarterback’s coach that spends the most time with him.

In the end Gase’s hire was about two things: continuity for the present, and development for the future. Bringing in a coach from the outside would not have accomplished either one of those goals; the hiring of Gase does.

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