Marc Trestman was the Perfect Hire for the Chicago Bears

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I’ve been one of Phil Emery‘s biggest critics. I didn’t think it was a good hire and I questioned why he was with the organization. But in the past few weeks, he’s impressed me in his decisions in regards to the coaching staff. Firing Lovie Smith immediately after the season sent a message to all Chicago Bears fans that not making the playoffs was unacceptable. Considering how many times in years’ past excuses would fly about why the problem wasn’t with Smith, Emery changed that image very quickly.

Today’s press conference with new head coach Marc Trestman was both candid and refreshing. Emery explained the whole process and did not spare any details into why he made the decision to hire Trestman. He even talked about the narrowed list of candidates and shared details of the interview with Trestman. But what impressed me most was Emery’s identification of the major problem with the organization and his meticulous approach to finding the right candidate to fix the team. Based on what I know, Trestman was the best man for the job.

Besides being a guy that has been successful with quarterbacks all over the NFL, he was a highly successful coach in Canada. In a very short amount of time, Trestman walked into a situation with the Montreal Alouettes and turned that into a CFL powerhouse. There’s no reason why he can’t take that same approach and help the Bears.

It’s not a secret that Jay Cutler has the talent to be a top-tier quarterback in the NFL. It also isn’t a shock that he hasn’t been coached properly since coming to the Bears. Well that’s about to change. If the Bears hope to contend for a NFC title, it starts at quarterback. Once he becomes a better quarterback, everything will get better.

There’s no guarantees in life and Trestman could end up being a total disaster. Even with that being the case, I still think this was the best fit for the Bears, and one that will make this team a contender. And for those of you that regularly read my work, you know I rarely get excited.

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