Pat Bowlen Addresses Denver Broncos 2012 NFL Season, Positive Look on 2013

By Mark Stringer
Ron Chenoy – US Presswire

Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen addressed the Broncos fans recently for the first time since the team signed QB Peyton Manning last March. Bowlen spoke about the season and how it ended, plus gave an outlook about the 2013 season and what he expects next season.

When asked about the recent loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC divisional round, Bowlen said, “I’m still ticked off. I’ll be ticked off for a month. They’re tough to get over. Especially when you’re in that position and you have that opportunity.”

He also talked about how disappointed he is about the loss and he understands the fans’ disappointment. Sure, we’re disappointed, but we’re also really excited about what Manning can do with the Broncos after a year under his belt and a full off-season. When you have higher expectations and things end in a way that doesn’t meet those expectations it’s always hard to swallow.

Bowlen also spoke about his Vice President of Football Operations, John Elway, and his head coach, John Fox. 

“I’ve got a guy down the hall who knows a hell of a lot more about football than I do. I think John Elway has really stepped up. He’s in here every day. He’s somebody I really rely on. I’m very happy with Coach Fox. He’s stable. You know exactly what he’s going to do, what he’s going to tell you. He’s consistent.”

Bowlen then said he’s concerned with one thing–winning the Super Bowl in 2013. Manning was really close this year and now everyone, including Manning, expects to hoist the Lombardi Trophy next year.

The Broncos have a great young team with enough veterans to keep them playing at an elite level. Some players will leave via free agency and some will be cut, but you can bet the main players will be back for another Super Bowl run. Bowlen has the option to keep Manning for two more years at $40 million, which would be an easy decision in my mind.

Hopefully the Broncos can let go of some over-priced players and free up enough room for a few good draft choices and maybe a free agent or two, but I wouldn’t change this team much. I would try to keep these same guys together for at least three or four years and see what happens.

I’m looking for Manning to end his career much like Elway did–back-to-back Super Bowl wins.


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