Washington Redskins, Politics, and Bandwagon Jumpers

By Ricky Allen
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, I get it. When the Washington Redskins are losing, no one’s paying attention. When the Redskins win, now they must change their name.

I get it. Really, I do.

It’s been a few weeks now since the Redskins finished up their incredible season led by quarterback Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris.  There’s no doubt in my mind there have been converts.  I welcome that. In fact, I down right love it. However, when the message changes to something more political than sports, I draw the line.  What am I talking about? This new push to get the Redskins’ name changed. It’s a battle cry that’s been heard for decades, and pushed under the carpet of National Football League and American popular culture.

However, now that the Redskins might have something special going on for the next couple of years, everyone’s on board. But first, they have to change it to make sure it can represent them in a way they can market it. These are the worst kind of bandwagon jumpers: politicians.

Let me make myself clear on where I stand with the Redskins’ name. It slangs a proud people–people who deserve not to have any slur to their skin.  However, nothing has been done to change anything over the decades the Redskins have been in existence. True, there have been lawsuits and stuff of that nature, but nothing sticks to this subject. In a weird way, the Redskins’ poor seasons  have added to the passivity of this conversation.  I can just hear people saying, “Oh, well, why waste the time…they haven’t had a good team in years.”

Oh how the time flies.  Now that politicians like D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray can be “proud” of the Redskins now, they must change their name– Even though he’s referred to them by their name consistently. And before you say he hasn’t, don’t go there.

“..They are not ‘the Prince George’s County Redskins.’ They are not ‘the Northern Virginia Redskins.’ They are ‘the Washington Redskins,'” said Gray…”-Gray Offers Few Specifics on Redskins Training Facility, DCist.com, March 23, 2012

So all of a sudden they must change their name? Now it’s wrong, even though you’ve said it as well Mr.Mayor? Now he “sees the light?”  That’s like complaining about the words rappers use in songs that are repeated by the very folks that complain they’re are wrong to say. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm……

As I’ve said before, in order to do what he wants with the team (like get them back in D.C.) he has to pass the “PC Police” clearance.  His involvement is not team pride, but political/economic gain.  Everyone’s on the take, beginning with this push to change the Redskins’ name. Does Richmond and Loudon County benefit financially? Yes. Do they have to go this route? No.

It’s all a fraud. Now everyone wants to be  a Redskins fan, their way. If anything, I want the community it affects to speak up. Maybe this time someone will listen to them.  They have a legitimate claim to the argument.

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