Arizona Cardinals Smartly Hire Bruce Arians

By Andy Schmidt
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals in 2012 were a complete mess with bad quarterback play, and the inability to do much of anything right after starting 4-0. Arizona needed a new coach and went out on Thursday to get Bruce Arians. Arians is an offensive mind just like Arizona’s former coach, but hopefully can bring something different to the table that gets Arizona back on track after a disappointing season that saw them get off to a 4-0 start before collasping.

The first thing Arians must do is get himself a quarterback on the roster that isn’t going to throw 2-3 interceptions each game. That will be a tough task without a doubt, but Arians did mentor Andrew Luck this season as the Indianapolis Colts made the playoffs. We all know Arians had a ton of pressure on him in 2012 as well, so he should know about the head coaching position more now.

Arians’ hiring is a solid one for the Cardinals to be sure, but one that has to come with changes on the roster. If the team can go out and get a quarterback like Alex Smith or Michael Vick, it should help somewhat. The career of Larry Fitzgerald is crumbling with the bad quarterback play, and hopefully Fitzgerald will be happy with this move and subsequent ones. The National Football League seems to see teams go from worst to first every year, and maybe Arians can do the same in Arizona in 2013.

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