Kansas City Chiefs Fan Friday: Ranking ArrowHead Stadium

By Damon Salvadore
John Rieger-US Presswire


Ask football fans today what the best stadium in the NFL is and they will probably tell you Lambeau Field, Soldier Field or Metlife Stadium. Is it the size of the stadium? Is it the age of the stadium? Or is it the amount of memorable games the stadium has hosted? Few stadiums have the combination of all three factors like Arrowhead Stadium does.

Metlife Stadium might be the most expensive stadium ever built, but it just doesn’t have the history that Arrowhead has. And besides, who wants to share a stadium with another team?

Arrowhead has hosted memorable games such as the 1974 Probowl with freezing temperatures and rival John Madden coaching the AFC team. Arrowhead was dubbed “loudest stadium” after a Monday Night Football match-up against Jim Kelly and the Buffalo Bills. One of the most famous moments at Arrowhead came when the Kansas City Chiefs with Joe Montana, defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs after trailing by 10 at halftime.

Then there’s Soldier Field, which doesn’t compare. Yes, it is the oldest stadium in the NFL but not the oldest for an NFL team. Opened in 1924, the Chicago Bears didn’t begin playing there until 1971. The Chicago Bears didn’t win all those championships at Soldier field, they won them at Wrigley Field. And then there’s Lambeau Field. This used to be the most unbeatable site in the NFL. However that’s not the case lately. The Greenbay Packers have lost four of the last seven playoff games at Lambeau Field. They won the Superbowl recently as a wildcard.

The top three highest seating capacity stadiums in the NFL were all built recently, Metlife Stadium, Cowboy Stadium, and Fed Ex Field. Arrowhead, which opened in 1972 was built to last. It’s not going anywhere. It was at Arrowhead Stadium where Hall of Famer Derrick Thomas sacked quarterback Jeff George six times! The surrounding red crowd erupted in the games 28-8 rout of the rival Oakland Raiders that day.

The Kansas City Chiefs have played 41 seasons at Arrowhead Stadium out of their 50 total. With almost all of the Bears success left at Wrigley Field, the San Fransisco 49ers leaving Candlestick, and the Packers struggling at home, and the NY Giants sharing a stadium with their little brothers, Arrowhead makes its case as No. 1 stadium in the NFL.



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