New York Giants Should Say No To Manti Te'o

By jason evans
USA TODAY Sports-Gary A. Vasquez

Manti Te’o has been in the news quite a lot lately. If you didn’t know that until you read this, please do a quick google search and then come back to this article. I’m not here to talk about that. I’m hear to talk about whether or not the New York Giants should take a chance in the NFL Draft and pick him up. If I am Jerry Reese, I would not touch Te’o with a 10 foot pole.

First of all, if Te’o did get catfished, it appears that he went along with it after, which makes him look like a fool and an attention-seeker. If he was in on it from the beginning and then decided to kill off his pretend girlfriend, he has questionable character, to put it mildly. Hopefully, at some point, we’ll find out his side of the story, other than the generic statement he put out after the Deadspin article broke. I know I’m not the only one who wants to figure out what actually went down.

Because of all of this, Te’o’s stock is falling faster than a .com stock after the internet bubble burst. He’s been looked at as a first round pick, but with these questions, you have to wonder how far he’ll fall. It’s conceivable that Te’o could be there when the Giants pick in the first round. In a lot of ways, he would help the Giants. They could use a young middle linebacker and at this point, any upgrade at linebacker is going to be a good one.

Putting someone in New York, with the questions that Te’o has, wouldn’t be good for the team or him. The NY media would be all over him and he’d have to hear about it every second. The best thing for him would be to go to a smaller market and try to regain his image. For the Giants sake, I hope Te’o has been taken off of their draft board. Te’o + NY= Disaster.

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