NFL Playoffs: Ray Lewis’ Retirement Party a Hoax too?

By Ross Watson
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The sports world was shaken on two seismic occasions yesterday.

The first was the uncovering of a elaborate lie (real or not), the second by the uncovering of the truth (at least some of it); by now, I think sports fans should be ready for an event that may not be as wide-reaching as the those two, but may be just a massive in nature: Ray Lewis topples Tom Brady in Foxoborough.

Some who have read that paragraph will be laughing at just how absurd that statement sounds, me comparing the winning of a football game to the tomfoolery of the Manti Te’o scandal (can I call it that yet?) and the admission of the most successful doping scheme known to man. But believe me when I say that, if Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens knock off the New England Patriots on the road, not only will it be the biggest upset since … well last weekend, but it will mean that perhaps the greatest linebacker ever to play the game, will be putting his well advertised retirement party on hold until after the Super Bowl.

As great as Tom Brady and the story of Patriots dynasty is, let’s be honest, there’s no better Super Bowl storyline than an all-time great making his swan song on the games biggest stage. Players that come to mind here are John Elway and Jerome Bettis, who capped off wonderful careers by hoisting the Lombardi trophy, and Ray Lewis deserves to go out in the same fashion.

Obviously this weekend is going to be the toughest test for the Ravens so far, but past meetings and the momentum gained from last weekend’s win in Denver indicate that beating the Patriots is a very real possibility. With Lewis at the helm, I believe that anything is possible for Baltimore, and I don’t think people should be so surprised when they look at the scoreboard on Sunday night and see that Lewis won’t be retiring until the 4th of February.

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