NFL Rumors: Will the Minnesota Vikings Part Ways with QB Joe Webb?

By Andrew Fisher
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

One of the bigger names for the Minnesota Vikings who will be involved in off-season rumors is backup quarterback Joe Webb. The speedy QB will be going into the final year of his rookie contract in 2013, and after a poor showing in the wild card round of the NFL Playoffs, his future in Minnesota is no doubt in question.

On many occasions throughout the 2012 season, fans screamed for Webb to take over for a struggling Christian Ponder. While it probably was tempting at times for the coaching staff to make a change, they ultimately decided to stick with Ponder. Believe it or not, he got the team into the playoffs.

Then came the late scratch in the wild card round and Webb all of a sudden had his chance. Unfortunately for him, he more than lived up to his stereotype as a ‘running quarterback.’ There is no doubt Webb can fly, but I’m afraid that he can’t pass.

With head coach Leslie Frazier revealing that the team is open to bringing in a veteran to compete for the No. 2 spot behind Ponder, some are thinking this could be curtains for Webb in Minnesota.

So what’s best for the team? Keep Webb in the mix to compete for the backup spot or try to trade him for a late-round draft pick?

If they keep him on the roster in 2013 in some capacity, he’ll likely leave town next spring and the Vikings won’t get anything in return. The value in trading him for a late-round pick is really just a lotto ticket. The Vikings would get a chance to roll the dice with an extra late-round pick. Or they could parlay that pick with a few others to move up in a different round. Of course this is given a team has interest in acquiring Webb, which I think there will be.

I just don’t think Joe Webb has what it takes to be a full-time success in the NFL. He has a skill set that suites a lot of teams, but I’m not sure Minnesota is one of them. If they want a guy with speed behind center for a few plays, all they have to do is put Percy Harvin in the wild-cat.

The team is better off acquiring a veteran quarterback that has a proven track record as a pocket passer. Ponder is the guy right now, but he’s on somewhat of a short leash. He’s basically one bad season away from the end of his career in Minnesota too. The Vikings need a backup that can get the job done if Ponder doesn’t pan out in 2013. After what we saw of Webb in the playoffs, I just don’t think he’s that guy.

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