San Diego Chargers should go after Reggie Bush in free agency

By Kenny Gardner
Reggie Bush San Diego Chargers
Robert Mayer-USA Today Sports

The San Diego Chargers should go after Reggie Bush in free agency. Bush ranked 11th in the NFL with 1,086 rushing yards in 2011 as a running back for the Miami Dolphins and no one in the top 10 equaled his 5.0 yards per rushing attempt.

Bush finished the 2012 season with 986 rushing yards, and had six rushing touchdowns for the second season in a row with Miami, following his five seasons with the New Orleans Saints.

Bush is an unrestricted free agent, and could be a good fit with San Diego.  Ryan Mathews has proven that he is injury-prone, so he could split rushing attempts with Bush, which would limit his chances of being injured.

Carolina Panthers running backs Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams were close to splitting attempts in 2009 when they both ran for over 1,100 yards and both averaged over five yards per attempt.  Stewart and Williams were close to splitting carries again in 2011, when they both averaged 5.4 yards per rushing attempt.

Some would argue that this move could crush the confidence of Mathews who, like Bush, was a first round pick, but Mathews has yet to prove that he can stay healthy for a full NFL season.  The 27-year old Bush has had injuries himself, so this could be a move that benefits both running backs.

Bush could also be used in the receiving game because he has 15 touchdown receptions in seven seasons and averaged 8.3 yards per reception in 2012 with Miami.

San Diego’s front office should consider this move because two potentially explosive running backs could help the Lightning Bolts improve a rushing attack that ranked 31st in yards per attempt and last in touchdowns.

San Diego’s rushing attack was one of the team’s weak links last season, and this would not happen if the front office signs Bush.

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