Seattle Seahawks Youth Gives Them the Edge for Years to Come

By Jake Coburn
Seattle Seahawks - Bobby Wagner
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks may have lost in the playoffs but they are in a special situation that a lot of talented teams are not.

The Seahawks were able to get to the postseason while seeing so much production from their rookies. Seattle is a very young team and if the pieces stay, they will only get better as the years go on.

Where most teams have their stars hitting the peaks of their career, the Seahawks have an explosive rookie quarterback who is just getting started. Russell Wilson had one of the best rookie seasons and with more experience in the league and with the Seahawks, he will only improve.

Looking at the running game for Seattle, star running back Marshawn Lynch still has a long career ahead of him in the league. He will continue to dominate the league and be one of the best back in the NFL with his ability to break for the long run. Along with Lynch, Seattle saw explosion and power from another rookie in running back Robert Turbin. Turbin is a decent player that can sit behind Lynch and come in as a third down kind of a back.

Offense is not the only place the Seahawks find youth, the defense is full of players that could have a long successful career in the league.

The biggest impact on the defense came from rookie linebacker Bobby Wagner who also made a strong case for defensive rookie. Leading the team in tackles, Wagner has shown he can be a strong leader for the defense and can thrive in that role as a Seahawk. Other young contributors on defense were rookie pass rusher Bruce Irvin and rookie cornerback Jeremy Lane who helped the Seahawks shut down the San Francisco 49ers late in the season.

As Seattle looks to improve in the draft, they will hopefully improve adding even more youth to their talented team.

When most teams are getting older, the Seahawks seem to keep getting younger which will allow them to be a contender for a championship for years to come. If Seattle can get just a few more pieces from the draft look for them to be right back in the playoffs again next year.

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