Is It Too Late For The Green Bay Packers To Make A Defensive Scheme Switch?

By AJEnno
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers switch to a 3-4 defense is four years old, but it’s getting frustrated tow watch this defense play. The defense has seemed solid at times, like during the 2010 Super Bowl run when they looked dominant, but there have been other times when the defense looks lost. In 2011, the defense gave up a record amount of pass yardage, but led the league in turnovers. This past season the unit led the league in sacks, and seemed improved.

The common trend for Dom Capers defense is that they are able to shut down the less talented quarterbacks, but the more talented quarterbacks are able to dissect this defense with ease. It’s maddening to watch this defense do the same thing every season. They have actually regressed since 2010. You could make a case that injuries have plagued this defense, so it’s been hard to plug the right pieces in. Injuries shouldn’t be an excuse, because there is only one play-making pass rusher, Clay Matthews. There are some younger stars in the secondary, but the unit ultimately lacks in play makers.

It could be too late to switch back to a 4-3 scheme though, because all the defensive players have been brought in due to their ability for the 3-4. Matthews wouldn’t be the same in a 4-3 scheme. He is the cornerstone of the defense, so it’s apparent that a switch would only set the Packers back even more. The other option is finding another coordinator or hiring within. Maybe it’s not just the scheme; it could be Capers play-calling or lack of motivation that is the problem. This defense needs an attitude, and it seems like it’s there, but something is missing.

It seems at the time that Capers has bought himself at least another year. If there aren’t immediate changes, Capers will have to go. Hopefully the Packers have a good backup plan in place.

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