Seattle Seahawks Need to Improve in Areas This Offseason

By Jake Coburn
Seattle Seahawks - Russell Wilson
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

For the Seattle Seahawks, this offseason will be focused on finding ways to improve the team through the draft and through free agency. Before they are able to accomplish this, they have to figure out what their biggest needs are on offense and defense.

Looking at the offensive side of the ball for Seattle, their biggest task will be finding big targets for the young quarterback to throw to next season. With decent receivers in Sidney Rice and Golden Tate, Seattle was able to have an okay passing game due to Russell Wilson’s performances but there is still room for improvement.

With some big names heading into free agency at the wide receiver position, the Seahawks might want to try to pull one out of their instead of the draft to give Wilson another weapon on offense. Adding a big possession receiver or someone with enough speed to throw deep could give Seattle what they need to have a top passing game.

Defensively, the Seahawks have a strong secondary and a young linebacker core led by Bobby Wagner and though they drafted Bruce Irvin last draft, they could still use a little more help on the pass rush.

Finding a big guy to fill the holes and put pressure on opposing quarterbacks would send that defense even higher than it was last season. Finding someone in this year’s draft would be the best alternative for Seattle to fill this spot. A young guy that could learn from players such as Red Bryant and Chris Clemons would set the Seahawks up for the future.

Look for Seattle to try to improve in these areas giving Wilson more to work with and building the defense up for years to come.

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