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The Green Bay Packers Should Keep Charles Woodson

Jeff Hanlsch-USA TODAY Sports

After another sour ending to a successful regular season, the Green Bay Packers players have cleaned out their lockers. This brings the same old questions of who’s staying and who’s going?

The turnover rate on NFL rosters in this era is very high. Any given team could be rebuilding even after a Super Bowl season. The Packers will have many decisions to make in the upcoming months, and one of those will be whether to keep SS Charles Woodson who is in line for a big bonus.

It would be a mistake to cut Woodson and let him go to another team, because he still has a lot to give. His leadership is what this defensive unit needs. He’s such a unique and versatile player that his absence could prove costly. Woodson did miss over six weeks this season with a broken collarbone, and the defense was able to have success without him. This was due in part to a somewhat weak schedule. It will also make sense, because during this time Woodson could mold some of the younger DBs like M.D. Jennings, Jerome McMillan and Casey Hayward.

The Packers should keep Woodson, who has two years remaining on his current contract. This will probably mark the end of his career, as he’ll be 38 by this time. It would make sense for Woodson to retire as a Packer. He’s given this organization everything he could during his time in Green Bay. In a way he has been the Ray Lewis of this Packers team. The emotional leader who will lay it all on the line on any given Sunday.

It would be foolish to let a player of his stature just walk. It makes sense to pay the man the money he is owed, and let him to continue to make plays for the Packers.