Washington Redskins Should Keep Santana Moss

By Ricky Allen
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Washington RedskinsSantana Moss hoped for a longer post season.  He deserves to feel that way–he’s been waiting a few years for a season like the one they had this year.

And if it wasn’t for off-season work he put in to come down in his weight, not to mention his determination to remain relevant in the Redskins conversation, he would have been done a long time ago.  Moss finished the season at 41 catches for 573 yards–just a little higher than the NFL average, but consistent in his performance marks.  Last season he had 46 yards for 584 yards.   Has his role changed? Slightly, but he’s remained to be a resourceful target.

He deserves a second round with quarterback Robert Griffin III. It would be an injustice to cut him now just as the Redskins are getting on track.

While addressing the media earlier this week he said, “…We haven’t had the opportunity to go out there and have a team like this and have a chance to be showcased like we were showcased this year with having the team that we have so every week it was one of those prime time moments where we could go out there and really show who we are as a team and as an organization…When you look back at that, that’s the thing that really drove many of us to go out there and play hard because we know that we don’t get this opportunity a lot…”

He’s right, but I think he’ll get another in the 2013 NFL Season.

Moss has become a fixture on the Redskins roster, and I honestly would be surprised if they cut him. There’s still a lot of use for the man who is facing his mid-thirties in stride, and doign it with a great attitude.

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