2013 NFL Playoffs: Tom Brady Tops Another Statistical Category, Falls Short Of Ultimate Goal

By Jeff Everette
Tom Brady-Greg M. Cooper
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports


Ask Tom Brady how he feels about taking over the top spot among postseason quarterbacks for wins and yardage, and he will likely tell you he doesn’t care. The star of the New England Patriots will humbly tell you how it is nice to be mentioned among some of the greatest names in NFL history, but the win was what was important. We have heard it from him all before, but this time there was no win.

Tom Brady is arguably the best quarterback of all-time. The stats, the wins and the Super Bowl rings are there to say so. Whether he is or not is a matter of speculation. It does not matter. If you think he is the best to play the game, then to you he is. The numbers back you up. If you don’t think so, then he isn’t, and the numbers can be arranged to to make you look good as well.

It does not matter.

The truth is, Brady has made himself a constant fixture in postseason play, and has cemented his legacy among the records that so aptly illustrate the game we all love. It does not matter whether he is called the greatest or not, his name is written into the fabric of NFL history, and there is nothing that will remove him from NFL lore.

For Brady, the records are his to claim, but the failures that have dominated the second half of his postseason career will haunt him for yet another disappointed of-season.


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