2013 NFL Playoffs: Turnovers Grab More Momentum For Baltimore Ravens

By alibud69
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens grabbed the bull by the horns in the 2013 AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots with two very well constructed and executed touchdown drives on their second and third drives of the second half at Foxborough.

However, the first really huge play came of a brutal hit from Bernard Pollard on Stevan Ridley, which forced a massive momentum building fumble for the Ravens.

Ridley was out before he even hit the floor, his return to the game is questionable, but in honesty it was his own fault, Pollard is renowned for his questionable hard hitting play, yet Ridley led into the tackle with his helmet and came out undeniably wanting on the play.

Big plays are only big, however, if you take advantage of them, and shock of horrors, Joe Flacco made it 21 unanswered points in the second half to take this game to a 28-13 lead in favor of the Ravens.

Anquan Boldin caught a high pass towards the back of the endzone, coming down in bounds to drive the first nail into the Patriots’ Superbowl coffin.

The Ravens simply have all the momentum right now, their defense even managed to force the Patriots into a failed 4th down attempt in the redzone, as the continued points pressure that Flacco and the offense has mounted, is beginning to really take its toll.

Just as I am about to post this article the pressure on Brady is finally showing as a tipped pass is picked off deep in Ravens territory by Dannell Ellerbe, which may very well end up being the final nail in the Patriots’ coffin.

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