Atlanta Falcons: Aftermath of 2013 NFL Playoffs Exit

By Craig Ballard
Derick Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

The Atlanta Falcons stacked wins this season, but they are now left to think about what could have been as the result of blowing a 17 point home lead in the NFC championship game is that they are done. The Falcons have had aggressive and productive off-seasons which led them to the best record in the NFC, and also set them up for a fairly simple off-season as far as not having many big decisions with their free-agents.

Brent Grimes was injured this season, but he is a strong corner who will be interesting to watch in free-agency as teams will want to see the results of his rehab from his Achilles’ tendon issue. If things look good for his health then he will draw serious interest, and big bucks, as he is really quite good.

Sam Baker (left tackle) has progressed to the point where he is a valued starter on that Falcons offensive line, and he is one in-house player that Atlanta could spend some cash on to secure his services. Todd McClure is also a free-agent and it is hard to imagine him at center for any other offensive line than Hotlanta.

Tony Gonzalez has his percentage up to 97% according to him (he said it recently went from 95% to 97% so if anything he seems to be more and more committed to hanging up his cleats) but the Falcons free-agency course would change drastically if he did decide to return. Atlanta does not have a ton of available money, but significantly less if T-Gon does return (but you get the production of T-Gon).


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